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Kobido Up is a manual face therapy method whose purpose is to relax facial muscles by applying complex massage techniques to bring a face to the serene stage of full relaxation, with the improvement of the facial oval, reduction of wrinkles and laugh lines and general improvement of skin condition by enhancing blood and lymph circulation. Kobido Up also targets bruxism and can be effective in chronic headache conditions.

On the Kobido Up 1st level course, you will gain:
● Knowledge of the basic techniques of Kobido Up massage practice supported by appropriate theory; 2 full days of practice in pairs under close tutor supervision (small working groups)
● Comprehensive knowledge of various skin types and expertise in how to adjust massage techniques accordingly, ensuring optimal results
● Knowledge of different types of contraindications and precautions for performing Kobido Up massage

After the Kobido Up course, you will be equipped to:
● STAND OUT on the market offering contemporary, advanced and effective methods of skincare
● GAIN client’s trust with a course certificate to prove your skills
● ACQUIRE professional satisfaction as you will contribute to the client’s wellbeing
● EXTEND your skills and job opportunities to develop your business, improve your employee status and improve your lifestyle


2 days


£ 900


£ 200

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.
The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”

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Gina Greiner

Gina Greiner

I’m a cosmetologist, lingerist, Permanent Make Up trainer and artist, and official distributor of Maderm products in the UK. I regularly participate in conferences and training around the world to always be up to date with the latest beauty trends.

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