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The introduction of a Professional Permanent Makeup Removal service to your clinic will certainly mke your work easier and meets your clients' expectations.

The introduction of a Professional Permanent Makeup Removal service to your clinic will certainly make your work easier and meets your client’s expectations. Too strong or old makeup prevents us from creating new and beautiful permanent makeup. In such a case Professional PMU Remover is a solution you need.

Professional PMU Remover is an innovative product for non-laser correction and removal of unwanted Permanent Makeup of eyebrows, eyelids as well as labial red. The fully organic, acid-free formula gives visible effects already at the first use. The Professional Permanent Makeup Remover can get rid of any colour, even flesh-coloured camouflage. The treatment can be repeated after full healing, which usually lasts up to 4 weeks. 

Remover products (approx. 80 treatments) + aftercare creams included in the price!

You will receive an accredited GINA GREINER PERMANENT MAKE-UP & TRAINING ACADEMY CERTIFICATE at the end of the training. 

Training includes:


HALF day


£ 550


£ 100

“The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.
The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”

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Gina Greiner

Gina Greiner

I’m a cosmetologist, lingerist, Permanent Make Up trainer and artist, and official distributor of Maderm products in the UK. I regularly participate in conferences and training around the world to always be up to date with the latest beauty trends.

Unleash your full potential with Gina Greiner, the UK’s leading businesswoman and renowned expert in aesthetic medicine and permanent makeup. Gina’s passion for empowering professionals like you has driven her to create transformative training courses that redefine excellence in the industry.

  • Master the Art of Permanent Makeup: Gain comprehensive training in permanent makeup techniques, including microblading, lip enhancement, and eyeliner procedures.
  • Access Premium Products and Devices: Get exclusive access to top-quality products and cutting-edge devices designed for professional artists.
  • Grow Your Permanent Makeup Business: Receive expert support in business development and marketing strategies to attract clients and succeed in the industry.