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Professional PMU Remover

Professional PMU Remover is an innovative product for non- laser correct ion/ removal of unwanted permanent make-up (eyebrows, eyelids as well as labial red). The fully organic, acid- free formula gives visible effects already at the first use. The pigment is literally removed from the cell – what you can notice during the treatment .

The Professional Permanent Makeup Remover can get rid of any colour – even flesh-coloured camouflage. The treatment can be repeated after full healing, which usually lasts up to 4 weeks. This is also the time after which repair pigmentation can be performed.

PMU Professional Recovery

PMU Professional Recovery is a fully organic cream that brings relief during the care of soles. Moisturizes soothes and has an antiseptic effect


  • Supports skincare after permanent makeup removal.
  • Accelerates the natural healing processes after pigmentation
  • It soothes inflammation and prevents excessive peeling of the skin.







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