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Professional PMU Remover Carbonado

Pmu Professional Remover is the NEWEST product aimed at linergists and permanent makeup trainers.
It is used to immediately correct fresh mistakes and brighten old, healed permanent make-up.

It allows you to safely get rid of the pigment from every area of ​​the face, even on the day of the procedure. It is a completely safe form of removing both fresh mistakes in pigmentation and effective lightening of healed pigmentations. The product does not cause an allergic reaction and does not pose a risk of scarring. PMU REMOVER is acid-free and non-alkaline. It is safe for use in very sensitive areas such as eyelids or lip red. The product guarantees high efficiency, regardless of the color of the pigment and its composition, it perfectly removes camouflage (titanium di-oxide) and resin pigments, including new formulations in force from 04-01-2022 throughout the EU.







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