The Q-SWITCH ND YAG Art Pmu laser


The Q-SWITCH ND YAG Art Pmu laser is one of the most modern and effective devices of its type on the market.
– tattoo removal,
– permanent makeup removal,
– removing or reducing the visibility of all types of discolouration,
– “black doll” carbon peeling (skin rejuvenation, cleansing the skin surface and clogged pores, stimulation of skin regeneration and renewal)
The treatment is safe, precise and does not cause permanent skin damage.
It is necessary to repeat several treatments in the series with an interval of 4 to 6 weeks. After the treatment, it is essential to use filters with a factor> 50.

Laser type Q switched Nd: YAG LaserSpektrum1064μm / 532μm
Maximum energy 2000MJ
Pulse time < 3ns
Repetition frequency1-10HZ
3mm spot size
Voltage 220-230V
Cooling system: liquid cooling
Power consumption 1000W
Life span of the head 500,000 pulses

Price includes: laser device + training course ( ona day)

This course prepares you to safely and consciously perform laser treatments. The training program includes permanent make-up removal, tattoo removal, discolouration removal, and carbon peeling.

What will you learn during your training?

  • how to deal with legal and treatment documentation
  • contraindications to the procedures
  • types of anaesthetics
  • basic first aid
  • devices used to remove makeup and tattoo
  • post-treatment care




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