Professional PMU Remover Carbonado


PMU PROFFESIONAL Remover perfectly copes with “tattoo” pigments, in the composition of which you can find resin and polymers. Pmu Remover is in the form of a gel, which greatly facilitates the procedure and supports the achievement of satisfactory results. The healing process is characterized by the absence of heavy scabs, which greatly improves the client’s comfort. Thanks to the special composition of the product, treatments can be performed at intervals of 4/6 weeks

Advantages of PMU Professional Remover

– Contains no acids
– Natural ingredients of the highest quality
– Safely applicable to sensitive areas (eyelids, lips)
– Highly effective, providing maximum security regardless of pigment color (ideal for camouflage removal)
– No black or yellow scabs during the healing process
– Possibility to perform treatment every 4 weeks
– Repairing of pigmentation can be done one month after the last brightening treatment
– Tested and registered

capacity: 5ml and 30ml.
expiration date – 3 years from opening
pH = 7.0 (neutral)

Pmu Professional Remover is a fully TESTED product, has a security report, CPNP registration and MSDS.

Tests performed as part of the safety report:
– Determination of microbiological purity according to the PN EN ISO 17516: 2014 standard
– Physicochemical examination (appearance, color, smell, pH, stability)
– Load test PN EN ISO according to the standard 11930: 2012
– Dermatological examination
– Accelerated aging test
– mass compatibility with the packaging
– Application and performance assessment



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