Passion Treatment Butter



Pasión is a butter with a light, creamy texture that, when used before the treatment, will soften dry lip skin, making pigmentation much easier. It can also be used during the treatment, as a product to soothe, calm and reduce swelling. It is also ideal for post-treatment care for your clients. Volume: 30ml

Pasión is a moisturising butter enriched with shimmering natural mica in a unique lavender colour. It perfectly suits the needs of the lips after the initial healing and can be used after the first exfoliation of the lips. Lips smeared with the butter will look fantastic in post-surgery photos, it will add a unique character to them, and the lavender shade will not change the colour of the pigmentation. The product is also suitable for daily care as a nourishing lip treatment. The butter is attractive thanks to its lavender colour and relaxing fragrance. Ideal for customers who like an original look and a quality, natural composition.


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